Friday, February 27, 2015

Cheery Lynn Design Team

This card is for the Cheery Lynn DT Call.  I am really excited to share this card with you using a large die cut as the foreground and masking techniques for the background.  I will show you step by step how I created this beautiful card!
First here is the completed card!

Supplies: Large flower die cut, White card stock, Inks: black, turquoise, yellow, orange, light blue, post it notes for masking, verse stamp, lighthouse stamp and sponges for applying the ink.

1.  I started by stamping my lighthouse and coloring it black to make it a silhouette.

2.  Then I tore a post it note and placed it where I wanted my shoreline to be.
3.  I used a black maker and drew in the hillside and then filled it in with the black marker. I cut a 1 1/4 in circle for a sun mask.
4.  Start sponging in the sky and water using a more ink and the top and very bottom of the card.

5.  Next you add the yellow and orange around the sun and a little in the water.
6.  When you are satisfied with your sponging you add the crowning touch your black die cut and attach to a card for someone special!

Below are some additional die cut samples for you to enjoy!

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